To let itself surprise by the work of the matter
When it is about the fabric.
He to give its place, its priority with the reading of oil, the pigments. The visible one is let absorb to leave only the essential lines which punctuate this immense potential of all the possible ones that it is necessary to select.
Only remain human forms, vegetable or imaginary landscapes (mental) articulated like fields of force.
When it is about thick paper, artisanal or smooth, the line exulte and defines pure forms, stretched.
It is a crossed space, punctuated by a sharp feature, released the time of a breathing, and which gives birth to, we makes rock in a different time, that of poetry,
that of an infinite space, unlimited, tended like an arc.





Bernadette Chambord
Lassagne Haute
Saint André d'Allas - 24200 Sarlat
bernadette chambord
artiste peintre
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