Moment of workshop…

To open the door of my workshop, it is to enter “between two” or all is possible. All is there outstanding, until the breathing which should be tamed. An agreement, the first stowing by a music which I choose. Music, song interior which calms, moderates the flood, the abundance of the forms which spout out of my spirit when I take a brush.
There is especially the uncertainty of the moments when to do it decides to make occur the latent perceptible one in a matter fragment, forms fixed on the fabric.

The preparation of the colors, choice of let us tons, of the brushes, of médiums secretly take part in working of the hand which hangs, which apprehends in this magma of the possible whole what seems obvious to him so that “that” is once launched, this hand I must persuade it, to control the rate/rhythm, to retain of it, to make it thinking or to let it impetuous run, to make and demolish to add or remove the matter, to specify a contour or on the contrary to leave the “blur” to make rebound the matter where it is not awaited, towards one elsewhere, always further, but so rich from presence, plenitude…

Travel in time when the pigments are “watchers” ready there to accompany these moments O \ U with the rollers by our interior river, tons them of our heavy ground of prehistory I seizure this end of time to reveal essential forms, ends of humanity which we all divide.

Homage to the ground, mineral, with the plant, when with the bamboos, ink I make sing “the element water” on paper, there I join the “suspension” of a dreamed world, of a landscape quite present. The border Ground Sky, contemplated so much with my filled with wonder eyes opens with interiority, to restore the breathing of a magic world. This world where the man, when it is present, merges in a tree, a cloud, or a color, is done pilot…





Bernadette Chambord
Lassagne Haute
Saint André d'Allas - 24200 Sarlat
bernadette chambord
artiste peintre
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